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XAML Tips: Coding difference between Windows Phone vs Windows Store Apps


Here is great presentation which can give you clear idea about differences in Windows Store Apps vs Windows Phone. Top 10 Differences between developing Windows Phone and Store apps from Morten Nielsen

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Windows Phone: MediaElement not playing file and failing with Error code 3123

Recently I had very frustrating error and I thought I must blog it to save someone else time. I used MediaElement in Windows Phone to play audio files (*.mp3 in my case). Suddenly one of my change broke it and

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Windows Phone XAP missing dll and Emulator Error ‘System.IO.FileNotFoundException’

I recently had very strange issue and I felt almost lost. With windows phone project I was keep getting ‘System.IO.FileNotFoundException’ at some point after application is launched in Emulator (or Device). However My Build was successful. What I noticed that

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How to do Wifi tethering in windows phone (internet sharing, phone as hotspot)

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If you are Lumia 800 Owner and you applied Tango Update (v7.10.8773.98) along with recent Nokia Firmware Update (v1750.0805.8773.12220 or higher) then one of the most important feature you will get is Wifi Tethering. This feature was missing in the

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Windows Phone 8 SDK uncovers some unannounced features

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Look at early build of Windows Phone 7.8

Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 Live Tiles

This is a small video showing early build of Wp 7.8 on Nokia Lumia 900 In Windows Phone 7.8 Update your home screen can be customized to have tile in 3 different sizes  

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Creating your first Windows Phone App – Step By Step Tutorial


Creating apps for windows phone is fun. In this blog post I will cover step by step tutorial to get started with windows phone application development. Step-1: Download and Install Windows Phone SDK You can get entire windows phone SDK

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Why I love my Nokia Lumia 800 compared to Samsung Galaxy S2


Just received my first windows phone – Nokia Lumia 800. Amazing Phone with Slick Design. I had Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android) for long time and I can now compare both OS (Pros and Cons!!!) I have to admit that finally

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