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XAML Tips: Coding difference between Windows Phone vs Windows Store Apps


Here is great presentation which can give you clear idea about differences in Windows Store Apps vs Windows Phone. Top 10 Differences between developing Windows Phone and Store apps from Morten Nielsen

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XAML Tips: Why do I get error – Error The name ‘InitializeComponent’ does not exist in the current context


I am going to list few most annoying Errors XAML designer throws to me and hope you find right solution. Most likely by this time you have already gone though your error list many times and scratching your head.. why

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WPF Animation on Projection Property using code or XAML


If you try to define DoubleAnimation on Projection property then you will see lot of challenge. Here is How to fix. First make sure you create Name Attribute on Projection property like below for whatever UI element you want animate.

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Create 3D Effect using Projection in WPF/SilverLight


If you ever noticed then every FrameworkElement in WPF has property called Projection This property is very powerful if you use it right way. You can give 3D effect of any UI including Images in WPF/Silverlight Here is sample code

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WPF vs Silverlight – Similarities and Differences

Many peple have this question. What are Differences between WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and SilverLight There is a real good White Papaer on CodePlex (See Link Below) But to summerize whole story I am writing this post… Hope you

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Creating your first Windows Phone App – Step By Step Tutorial


Creating apps for windows phone is fun. In this blog post I will cover step by step tutorial to get started with windows phone application development. Step-1: Download and Install Windows Phone SDK You can get entire windows phone SDK

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