Why I love my Nokia Lumia 800 compared to Samsung Galaxy S2

Just received my first windows phone – Nokia Lumia 800. Amazing Phone with Slick Design. I had Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android) for long time and I can now compare both OS (Pros and Cons!!!)



I have to admit that finally MS got things right so it was worth waiting… Once windows phone 8 comes out .. Man that will be Killer !!!

So let me just explain few things what I like most about this phone.

Slick Design

This phone feels slick when you hold it … It doesn’t feel like piece of plastic (my Samsung Galaxy S2 feels like plastic even though its $200 more costly).

More Productive with few Clicks

With Windows OS I felt more productive on Day one…. My company emails are well integrated, Hotmail , SkyDrive all feels so connected … Office Hub and People Hub also give me that edge to do things faster with my daya to day tasks. Local Scoute is another Amazing tool in this phone….

Just say or type in Bing e.g. “Napa Auto Parts” or “Subway Sandwich” and it will show you clean result only what you looking for unlike Google where you see crapy web links where you navigate to find store address/phone number. From Local Scoute I can quickly navigate to destination or call them or Text Address to anyone in few clicks…. I am impressed guys … what a time saver Feature!!!

Feels Live

I have to admit that this OS is very live, full of visual effects, fonts/colors are consistent through out the OS. My home screen is live with latest pictures, friend updates, my coming appointments, weather status, missed calls, unread emails/sms, traffic report everything is handy on same screen… I don’t have to leave home screen to check most of the stuff.

Connected and well integrated

Most of things in Windows Phone OS feels so connected and fast and fluid .. Which means I don’t jump back and forth to do common tasks.. e.g. Email/SMS, Get Directions …    Compared to Android I have multiple apps pre installed for same stuff… e.g. I have 2 Music Players , 2-3 Maps and Navigation Apps so every time I open something I have to think which one Do I use… Which one is better… ???

For me to Simplicity and Consistency is key and I think MS got it right with windows phone this time!!!


Dedicated hardware camera button on this phone acts like pocket camera… You can take pitures or Movies while your phone is locked using 8M camera (You can turn this off via setting if you don’t want). I can also play music while phone is locked… awesome feature!!!


Nokia is leader in Mapping technology… Not may people know but they are world’s largest Map Data Provider (They acquired Navteq ) I was able to Download 2GB worth of Map Data in few minutes and now I have total Offline GPS Mode available. Which means your directions start instantly and if you are somewhere in the woods where you don’t have data connection or no cell phone signals this GPS will still work just like TomTom and Garmin Dedicated GPS… Yes that right no need to buy dedicated GPS !!!

Tons of Apps:

Not sure what people complaining about but I was able to find every single App from Market Place what I mostly use for my day to day use on Android Samsung Galaxy S2.

Battery Life and Hardware:

Even though this phone is Single Processer you will not feel sluggish … Multi Core Windows Phone coming end of this year but I am happy to have single core on my Phone coz it boosts battery life by consuming less power… I know many people talk about lake of processing power when you dont have dual core… Come on Guys this is not Database Server that you need Quad Core :) … Its just a Phone…. But I guess MS has no choice other than add multi core support coz that Marketing Gimics !!!

Battery Life is better than Samsumg Galaxy S2 on Lumia 800 … I guess its becuase Galaxy Has bigger screen and too many services running in the back ground ???

OK guys ……..  For now thats it … Stay tuned on my blogs for more articles and tips

Cheers !!!

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