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How to show more than 8000 chars in SSMS output

T SQL Date format convert function

If you ever tried to display more than 8000 characters column such as varchar(MAX) column value in SSMS output in text mode then you will quickly realize that you hit the wall. SSMS truncates anything more than 8000 chars (approx.

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Free Tools – BgInfo – Dynamic Background with useful information


I just found this very useful free tool called BgInfo which generates dynamic background with very useful system information such as Service Pack, IP, Free Disk Space etc. This is Microsoft tool previously owned by SysInternals which is later acquired

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XAML Tips: Why do I get error – Error The name ‘InitializeComponent’ does not exist in the current context


I am going to list few most annoying Errors XAML designer throws to me and hope you find right solution. Most likely by this time you have already gone though your error list many times and scratching your head.. why

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Windows Phone: MediaElement not playing file and failing with Error code 3123

Recently I had very frustrating error and I thought I must blog it to save someone else time. I used MediaElement in Windows Phone to play audio files (*.mp3 in my case). Suddenly one of my change broke it and

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XAML Tips: How to generate Sample Data from ViewModel Class


I recently tried to create sample data by hand for XAML Designer. If you don’t know what is sample data used for then read this article Its really pain to type all properties of ViewModel class specially if you have

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Windows Phone 8 USB detect issue – not showing up in My Computer

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 03 15.55

Windows Phone 8 comes with feature called USB Mass Storage Support. Which means when you plug your phone to USB Port it will start showing up in Drive List/Device list and you can copy/move files just like regular USB drive.

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Quick way to edit and preview XAML Snippets using Kaxaml

XAML Editor Pad

Sometimes you want to learn XAML tips/tricks without creating full page and don’t want to bother with Visual Studio at all then I use simple tool called kaxaml You can Download zip file from here … Or use XAMLPad another

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Visual Studio Tips – How to set text edit as default view for XAML file

Default XAML Editor

How many times you felt that XAML designer was too slow for you to handle??? If you using code window most of the time for XAML Editing then you can change default edit action for XAML files as below so

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How to recover windows disk space by deleting servicepack files


Recently I ran out of disk space on my computer and noticed that my windows folder alone was taking crazy 45GB. I used TreeSize FREE tool Try to run the following command as administrator (Right click on command prompt icon

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Oracle SQL Developer cant find JDK JAVA.exe

This week I had fun with Oracle realm … I never though that it would be so much pain stepping out of MS world.. where everything happens at click of button… But any ways I though I would share few

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