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Get File Column Count using SSIS C# Script Task

Sometimes you have changing schema in your flat file (Columns added or Removed) If you ever want to know how many columns you have in flat file then simply use below snippet and it will tell you column count. #region

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ETL World Record – 1 TB data load in 30 Mins with SSIS


Here is great white paper from TechNet Microsoft which describes what techniques Microsoft used to achieve 1 Terabyte data load in just 30 Mins using high performance data load techniques in SSIS. Link: ETL world Record – 1 TB Dataload

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Consuming JSON data in SQL Server and SSIS, convert JSON to XML

T SQL Date format convert function

Just came across very interesting scenario where I had to consume JSON data in SQL Server. Yes I can write C#/ code and load JSON to SQL Server and go from there but what if I have no expertise in

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SSIS Best Practices for high performance – suggested by microsoft team


Here is a great presentation from Microsoft Team. This document describes how to get high performance by following some SSIS Best Practices ****** Please wait for few seconds before below presentation loads !!! ***********

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Welcome to my binary blog

Hi there !!! I am very excited to start blogging after such a long time. Freel free to comment and browse my blog. I am planning to create lots of new posts regarding Windows Phone Development , SilverLight, XAML, Programming  and

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