BI Vendor Comparison / Analysis for 2014 by gartner and InformationWeek

BI Vendor Comparison / Analysis by InformationWeek (2014 outlook)

Looks like Microsoft is at the top spot for Planned BI Vendor list in 2014. This is the analysis done by InformationWeek however according to  Gartner BI Vendor Analysis Tableau getting top spot for 2014 outlook. I think difference between two analysis is becauase InformationWeek looked at whole BI ecosystem while gartner focused more on Visualization and easy data discovery part which is just one segment of BI ecosystem regardless of that difference I thought it would be nice to share this data.

Compare BI Vendors for 2014

BI Vendor Comparison / Analysis by Gartner (2014 outlook)

Gartner released the 2014 update of the Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant. Interestingly, Gartner moved the predictive capabilities to a new Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms and dropped scorecards. The most interesting aspect of this report for me was the Market Overview section at the end. According to Gartner, the most prevalent future BI trends will be:

  1. 7% BI annual growth all the way until 2017
  2. Visual data discovery
  3. Easier data preparation
  4. Collaboration and social analysis
  5. Growth in Cloud BI
  6. Real-time BI
  7. Deemphasizing the BIG DATA hype


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