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Export DAO databases to any ISAM format
Total Hit (1538) Everyone tells you how to import, but even MS-VB techs start coughing when you ask how to export with DAO! In fact, their own documentation clearly states that it can not be done (see the note on page 314 of Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide's "Creating an External Table"). To that statemen ....Read More
Unrecognized Database Format Error Message with Access 2000 Databases
Total Hit (1275) The standard DAO Data control is designed to work with the Jet 3.5 Engine, whereas Access 2000 database can be accessed only by the more recent Jet 3.6 engine. For this reason, any attempt to access an Access 2000 database using the standard DAO Data control, as well as regular DAO commands, is doom ....Read More
Get the list of ODBC drivers
Total Hit (2427) The ODBCTOOL.DLL library contains three functions that make it easier to manage DSNs. To run the following code you must add a reference to the "ODBC Driver & Data Source Name Functions" library to your References dialog box. If you don't find this library listed in the References list, use the Star ....Read More
Read and write File ODBC data sources
Total Hit (2643) A file DSN is nothing but a text file that contains all the parameters for an ODBC connection. To prove this, just go to the default directory that holds all File DSNs (this is the \Program Files\Common Files\ODBC\Data Sources directory on Windows's boot drive) and load any .dsn file into a text edi ....Read More
How to perform a distributed query using a linked server on SQL Server
Total Hit (1222) One of the neatest features in SQL Server 7 and later versions is the capability to query external data sources through their OLE DB providers, in other words behaving exactly as an ordinary OLE DB data consumer. Queries performed in this way are known as distributed queries and can be implemented t ....Read More
Listing all available SQL Server
Total Hit (1005) Thanks to the SQL-DMO object model, it's very easy to list all the available SQL Server 7.0 installations. For example, this code loads all the SQL Servers registered on the local machine into a ComboBox control: «Code LangId=1» ' NOTE: this code assumes that you've added a reference to the ' ....Read More
Manage the SQL Server date format with SQL DMO
Total Hit (1488) If you haven't localized SQL Server for your language, the default date format is the American one: DD/MM/YY. You may need to display a date in different formats, and you can solve this problem with the help of SQL DMO. A possible solution is using the T-SQL CONVERT() function to show the date with ....Read More
BlobToFile - Copy a BLOB field's contents to a binary file
Total Hit (1713)
Compact and Repair Access MDB.
Total Hit (1240) Following code requires Microsoft DAO 3.6 reference. To add this reference goto Project->Reference example: «Code LangId=1» Call DBCompact("OLt.mdb", "tmpOLT.mdb", , , ";pwd=mypwd") «/Code»
FillFlexGrid - Routine to fill flexgrid from ADO recordset
Total Hit (1966) The following routine takes 2 arguments, ADO recordset and flexgrid which you want to fill. «code LangId=1» Sub FillFlexgrid(rst As ADODB.Recordset, msfGrid As MSFlexGrid) Dim cln As Field With msfGrid .Rows = 2 .Cols = rst.Fields.Count 'get the number of gri ....Read More
Optimize Parametrized Queries With ADO Objects
Total Hit (1621) When you write Insert statements, it can be difficult to accommodate the possible values end users might enter into a textbox. The most common task is replacing single quotes with double quotes. However, parameterized queries provide two benefits: You do not have to parse data entered by users—excep ....Read More
This is a link to a different site How To Use the ADO SHAPE Command
Total Hit (2170) This article describes the ADO SHAPE command syntax for producing hierarchical recordsets, and explains how to traverse hierarchical recordsets. VBA sample code is also provided.

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