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Developers Home Page for VC

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The most popular articles for VC
RC4 Algorithm implementation
Cortar archivos peliculas todo lo que quieras!! - MacheteĀ®. by: Suaquita
CacheSet - Control the Cache Manager's working set size (Only for NT 4.0 SP4 and later)
how to clear CMOS Through vC++ Code
Link to Good VC++ Beginner Site by Joseph M. Newcomer
Program to create a binary tree and traverse it.
Create DLLs with VC++ - A Tutorial
Secure EditBox
To convert an eq into postfix including "(,)"
NTFSInfo - View NTFS Volume information
Inside Disk Defragmenting
Parallel port Interfacing Tutorial
TCPView v2.34
Dll for Hardware I/O (Inpout32.dll - works under Win 9x/WIN NT/2000/XP)
Fundelete v2.0
PortTalk - A Windows NT I/O Port Device Driver
Inside the Disk Key
AccessEnum - find out file system and Registry security settings.
NewSID v4.03
Ctrl2cap - kernel-mode device driver to convert caps-lock characters into control characters.
SDelete v1.2
Device Object Security
Formatx and Chkdskx v1.0
Interrupts and Deferred Procedure Calls on Windows NT4/2000/XP
ShareEnum v1.51

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