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Detecting Keyboard strokes
Total Hit (12061) «code LangId=1»'In a module '*************************** '* Keyboard constants '*************************** Public Const VK_ACCEPT = &H1E Public Const VK_ADD = &H6B Public Const VK_APPS = &H5D Public Const VK_ATTN = &HF6 Public Const VK_BACK = &H8 Public Const VK_BROWSER_BACK = &HA6 Public ....Read More
How to detect system activity for mouse and keyboard
Total Hit (1764) «Code LangId=1»Option Explicit '=========================================================== 'TYPE '=========================================================== Private Type POINTAPI x As Integer y As Integer End Type '=========================================================== 'API '===== ....Read More
How to deal with multi-language input and keyboard layout using API ?
Total Hit (6466) Sometimes application requires multi-language input functionality so user can choose his own language. You can change keyboard layout by Adding and selecting new layout in Control Panel -> Regional Options but how to do the same thing programatically. To change keyboard layout for a specific languag ....Read More
How to block/unblock keyboard and mouse input ?
Total Hit (3967) You can use BlockInput to block keyboard and mouse. Pass true to block and false to unblock keyboard and mouse. «b»Step-By-Step Example«/b» - Create a standard exe project - Place the following code in form1 «code LangId=1»Private Declare Function BlockInput Lib "user32" (ByVal fBlock As Long) ....Read More
How to detect or block system wide keypress event (using subclassing)?
Total Hit (5013) Most of time KeyPress or KeyDown events of VB will be fine for your application requirement but what if you want to process the same event even your application is minimized or is not active or amy be you want to block certain key combination system wide.... This article will show you how to do that ....Read More
This is a link to a different site SendKeys using the API
Total Hit (2592) VB provides the SendKeys command which is supposed to create key events in the focus control. However, in practice SendKeys sometimes doesn't work correctly, it is missing some keys and doesn't offer much flexibility in controlling the sequence of key strokes that gets sent. This article demonstrate ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Detecting Mouse XButton Clicks
Total Hit (1324) Recently I discovered that my mouse had two strange buttons on the left-hand side (until then I'd thought that the mouse's case just wasn't very well put together). Turns out these are the 'X Buttons' and can be used for moving backwards and forwards in Explorer and IE. This sample demonstrates how ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Convert a Character Code to a string describing the Keyboard Keys which must be pressed
Total Hit (1438) Different keyboard layouts use different virtual key codes and shift combinations to represent character codes. This tip demonstrates how to convert a key code into the equivalent virtual key code and shift state, as well as how to provide the name of a virtual key on the keyboard. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Moving, Clicking and Tracking the MousePointer in Code
Total Hit (1909) VB doesn't provide any way to determine where the mouse is regardless of which control its over. Neither does it allow you to move the cursor or emulate mouse clicks on objects. This tip provides a simple class which uses API functions to add this functionality. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Restrict Mouse Movement to an Area of the Desktop
Total Hit (1310) This tip shows you how to ensure a cursor remains within a certain rectangle on the screen. Note that if the user uses Alt-Tab to switch to another application, the clipping cursor is cleared.
This is a link to a different site Read the NumLock and CapsLock key states
Total Hit (1297) This sample demonstrates how to determine the state of the NumLock and CapsLock key (plus any other key on the keyboard at the same time).
This is a link to a different site Using the Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard
Total Hit (1152) So far we have learned how to move, animate and do some other stuff to sprites. We have also looked into the area of sound playback in games. This is all very nice if you want to create a game with no human interaction. Since this is most likely not the kind of game you want to make, then you need t ....Read More

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