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Tip: How to display all environment variables
Total Hit (868) «code LangId=1»Private Declare Function GetEnvironmentStrings Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetEnvironmentStringsA" () As Long Private Declare Function FreeEnvironmentStrings Lib "kernel32" Alias "FreeEnvironmentStringsA" (ByVal lpsz As String) As Long Private Declare Function lstrlen Lib "kernel32" Alias ....Read More
Tray to Title and Title to Tray Effect using DrawAnimatedRects API
Total Hit (1280) This little snippet will give you an effect so it looks like that your window is flying from system tray or minimizing to system tray depending on which flag you pass to DrawAnimatedRects API. Create a standard exe project and place the following code in form1 and run the project to see the effec ....Read More
Creating an API Window (Using C Style Message Loop and Window Proc)
Total Hit (6654) Sometimes you might need to create a window using code on the fly. Many times I have been asked that why do I write this odd code to create a very simple form,I can use VB form instead of Dynamic C style window creation.... Now here is the answer One common use of this technique in socket pro ....Read More
How to Get/Set and enumurate user defined window properties using API.
Total Hit (1249) A window property is any data assigned to a window. A window property is usually a handle of the window-specific data, but it may be any value. Each window property is identified by a string name. There are several functions that enable applications to use window properties. This overview discusses ....Read More
Create your own cursor at runtime
Total Hit (1477) Sometimes you might need to create your own cursor at runtime without using any image or resource. You can achive this functionality using CreateCursor API. Here is the basic guidelines for creating your own cursor. When you call CreateCursor you have to pass Application handle, Cursor Width, Curso ....Read More
WindowPicker - Pick any window using mouse and highlight window region
Total Hit (1528) In this sample code you will learn several techniques using APIs. Here is the summary «UL»«LI»Capture mouse input to the current application window using SetCapture and ReleaseCapture «LI»Obtain window handle from a point using WindowFromPoint «LI»Get window region from the window handle using Ge ....Read More
Move Form without title bar (2 different methods)
Total Hit (1337) You can move a form which has no titlebar by 2 different methods. First method will not show any drag border while second method will show drag borders. «code LangId=1»'////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// '// Move Form Without Title bar (Method-1: Without drag border) '//// ....Read More
How to create Region from a Bitmap and perform Hit Testing within a Region ?
Total Hit (4101) Hello friends, In this article you will learn two basic concept of Regions. 1. Creating Region from a Bitmap. 2. Hit Testing within a Region. «b»Creating Region from a Bitmap«/b» In my previous article «b»«a href='CodeDetail.aspx?CodeId=3752'»Working with Region API«/a»«/b» you learned how ....Read More
How to show/hide taskbar, desktop icons and start button ?
Total Hit (6973) This sample code will show you how to use FindWindow api to get handle to various window by window title. If you have window handle then you can use APIs like ShowWindow, SetWindowPos and many more to perform various operations (e.g. hide/show, resize etc.) to that window. «b»Step-By-Step Exampl ....Read More
How to resize window accurately to get desired client area ?
Total Hit (3836) Sometimes you might get unexpected window size when you resize or assign different height or width. To resize or change window height/width accurately based on required client area you can use AdjustWindowRect or AdjustWindowRectEx api. You can pass required client area as a RECT parameter to Adjus ....Read More
How to send a specific windows message to all windows ?
Total Hit (961) Many times we need to send a specific message to other applications or windows itself to notify regarding some event. Windows provides a function called BroadcastSystemMessage. The BroadcastSystemMessage function sends a message to the specified recipients. The recipients can be applications, instal ....Read More
How to check whether your program is running on Windows NT/2000 ?
Total Hit (580) This simple code will tell you whether your program is running on NT/2000 platform or Win9x/ME. «b»Step-By-Step Example«/b» - Create a standard exe project - Add the following code in the form1 code window «b»Form1.frm«/b» «code LangId=1»' Types, constants and functions for OS version d ....Read More
How to bring window to the front in Windows 2000/ME ?
Total Hit (1618) Have you ever tried to use SetForegroundWindow function in Windows 2000/ME ? In windows 9x its very easy to set foreground window, just pass window handle to SetForegroundWindow and done... But in Windows 2000 and ME microsoft has changed the process for setting foreground window. In windows 2000 an ....Read More
How to force a window to be a ForeGround Window on Win 9x/NT both ?
Total Hit (4471) Microsoft changed the rules with Win98 and Windows 2000 . The SetForegroundWindow API can no longer be used directly to take focus away from another application. Here is the code to implement ForceForeGround window functionality. Here I have used VB function that uses AttachThreadInput together w ....Read More
How to find Time Zone information on current system ?
Total Hit (1322) The following code will extract the timezone information from your system. It includes three functions. One returns the current date/time in UTC (or ZULU or GMT) time, the next returns the offset of your time zone from GMT in minutes (divide by 60 to get hours), and the last returns the name of the ....Read More
How to list all available timezones and change the timezone?
Total Hit (2229) It is sometimes necessary to programmatically change the time zone for the system where the application is running. This article demonstrates this technique. The way to implement this effect is as follows: Determine which time zone you would like to change to. Find the key in the registry tha ....Read More
How to change system Date/Time settings ?
Total Hit (1759) This example will show you how to Get/Set current system time. For Quick demo Copy/Paste following code into form1 general declaration
SetWallPaper - Change the desktop's wallpaper
Total Hit (742)
ShowExplorerFileMenu - Hide or show Windows Explorer File menu
Total Hit (393)
ShowFileProperties - Display the Property Page of a file
Total Hit (535)
ShowOpenWithDialog - Display the "Open with" dialog
Total Hit (419)
This is a link to a different site Enumerating and Restoring Windows Using Callbacks
Total Hit (488) Here's a quick routine that will enumerate all top-level windows and provide a Restore feature to restore the app to the foreground. Once again the venerable EnumWindows API forms the base for this demo, with supporting roles going to GetWindowPlacement, BringWindowToTop, and friends. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Enumerating Windows Using Callbacks
Total Hit (415) Windows offers VB programmers the 'EnumXXX' APIs providing callback data for specific tasks. This page demonstrates using the EnumWindows() API to enumerate all windows on the system, and populate a listbox with their class name, hwnd and window text if available. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site EnumWindows and EnumChildWindows Callbacks
Total Hit (659) Many Windows' Enum APIs provide callback data for specific tasks. This project demonstrates using both EnumWindows and EnumChildWindows APIs and their respective EnumWindowProc and EnumChildProc callbacks. The main form in the demo enumerates all top-level windows on the system populating ListView ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Enumerating the Available Display Resolutions
Total Hit (612) This routine uses Windows' EnumDisplaySettings API to retrieve all the available screen resolutions supported by the display. The results are populated to a ListView showing colour depths, resolutions and frequencies supported. In addition, the current system resolution is determined and flagged. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Changing the Display Resolution from Visual Basic
Total Hit (357) This routine, like the ListView method in Enumerating the Available Display Resolutions, uses Windows' EnumDisplaySettings API to retrieve all the available screen resolutions supported by the display. Here, the results are used to create a "QuickRes-style menu", replete with the option of displayin ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Using CopyFileEx and Callbacks as a File Backup Mechanism
Total Hit (416) So that's how you do it!" This demo shows how to add a callback to the CopyFileEx API that returns the progress of a copying routine. But there is a catch ... CopyFileEx is only available on real operating systems - AKA Windows NT.
This is a link to a different site Responding to AppCommands
Total Hit (756) The WM_APPCOMMAND message was added to Windows 2000 and ME to provide a mechanism to send the events from extended keys on newer keyboards to applications on the system. Extended keys are things like the back, forward and search button. This tip demonstrates how to intercept events from these keys i ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Forcing Any Window to Show in the Taskbar
Total Hit (886) VB provides a ShowInTaskBar property for forms which is meant to set whether a form is shown in the Alt-Tab sequence and the shell's task bar. However there are two limitations to this: The property can't be set at run-time. Erm, it doesn't work anyway. Ok, it can work, but only when your form ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Enumerating Windows Using the API
Total Hit (891) Prior to VB5, it was impossible to use the enumeration methods provided in the Windows API without relying on a proprietary custom control. This was a problem if you wanted to find out all the Windows showing on the system, because the only reliable methods you can use to do this are through enumera ....Read More

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