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Update/Delete Bitmap and String resource using API at runtime
Total Hit (8741) A Resource File is a repository in executable file (exe/dll/ocx) where you can store images, sounds, videos, data, or whatever you like. VB provides addin to modify resource during design time but what if you want to modify it during runtime. Win32 API is the solution to this problem. There are 3 ma ....Read More
How to play AVI file stored into resource file without saving on disk
Total Hit (5470) MCI (Media Control Interface) provides a high-level interface to play multimedia files (or "device elements" as defined in MCI). By default, MCI WAVE/AVI drivers (MCIAVI and MCIWAVE) use mmioOpen to open a file stored on a disk. If the file name contains a "+" character, mmioOpen will look for a cus ....Read More
Working with Resource file
Total Hit (3569) Resource file is embedded into you compiled exe, dll, ocx etc. You can store Icon, Cursor, AVI, GIF, Bitmap word document or any thing you want. VB provides few function to access application resource but these functions (LoadResData, LoadResPicture and LoadResString) not enough if you want more fle ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Storing and Showing HTML Resources in a VB Application
Total Hit (926) Since Internet Explorer 4, it is has been possible to display HTML directly from application resources using the res:// protocol. This article demonstrates how to embed HTML files and images into your application resources to use this function and encapsulate HTML files. ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Icons without forms and document association icons in VB
Total Hit (1183) VB allows you to choose an icon for an executable, but it offers a somewhat limited choice. The icon must be stored in a form included in your VB project, and you can only pick one icon to be exposed publicly per project. Whilst the single icon is the most important one, you might want to have addit ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Using RC.EXE
Total Hit (1118) This article provides a short look at how to use the Resource Compiler (RC.EXE) to create resource files (.RES) for Visual Basic applications. Using RC.EXE directly is often better than using the wizards provided with VB5 and 6 as you have more control over including arbitrary data; in addition the ....Read More
This is a link to a different site Reading Data from Local or External Library Resources
Total Hit (1764) Often your application will have associated data, such as pictures, sounds, static data and so forth you need to ship with it. If you are localizing your application then you also need to be able to provide alternative text strings for menus, messages, labels on so forth. Resources are a great way t ....Read More

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